John Verity Band…

John Verity Band…

Blues/Rock  |  Seated+Standing

John's varied and amazing career has seen him supporting rock luminaries such as JIMI HENDRIX, JANIS JOPLIN, THE WHO, JOHN MAYALL’S BLUESBREAKERS and MOUNTAIN and recording with RINGO STARR, KEITH EMERSON, GREG LAKE, TIM ROSE, ZOMBIES, COLIN BLUNSTONE, PHOENIX, CHARLIE and ARGENT to name but a few.

Recording and touring constantly, with his distinctive soulful blues edge, 2017 is John’s busiest in recent years and especially so with live appearances with his band; a fluid line-up but always with musicians of the highest professionalism and musicality. For this performance John will be accompanied by Bob Skeat (Wishbone Ash) on bass and our young, innovative drummer, Liam James Gray.

Even though John is an established producer for numerous bands and musicians including Saxon, Charlie, Phoenix and Tank plus of course, his own extensive collection of albums, a priority has always been live performances as evidenced by an increasingly extensive touring schedule.

The band’s appearance at HRH Blues, Sheffield 02 in 2016 was one of many at high profile venues where John is pleasing old friends and winning over many new fans, which is evident from the comments below:-

‘For me, John Verity Band were the highlight of the weekend. I didn’t know what to expect but they’re awesome! I’m now a confirmed JV fan!’

'I'm listening to John Verity today. I first saw him in Sheffield recently and was utterly stunned and gobsmacked by just how good he is.

This guy has the best style and touch - as a player he makes me tingle, I would suggest to you all out there- miss this guy at your peril’.

John also found the time in 2016 to record and produce the latest album ‘My Religion’ which was played on numerous radio stations, including Paul Jones ‘Nothing but the Blues’ on BBC Radio 2 and reached No.15 of the most played albums on the IBBA (Blues) charts earlier in the year.

Review of 'My Religion' from ‘The Hat Reviews’ by Peter Elliott in October 2016:

‘When I told a colleague that I had been listening to John Verity's new album, his eyes lit up – but instead of, as some of you might predict, banging on about Argent and Phoenix, he raved about seeing John recently in Sheffield with talented Jamie Mallender (bass) and Liam James Gray (drums) alongside, knocking them dead with classic blues riffs at the sell-out HRH event at Sheffield O2.

This is a fine crafted album. It tells you all about the range of the artist. It has some terrific rocking moments, has some great lyrics and delivers both traditional and modern blues with some subtlety and you are left under no allusion that you are in the hands of a proper musician and vocalist who would have no problem filling a stadium, packing out any club and bringing a festival audience to their feet. And of course, it seems that is exactly what he is still doing.

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Fri 25th May8:30pm
From 6pm on the night £13.00
In Advance £12.00
Wharf Music Club £10.00

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