The Wharf Gallery is open Monday–Saturday, 10am–3.30pm. Forthcoming exhibitions have been rescheduled and the remainder of the 2022- 2023 programme will be posted here soon.

We’ve also created Virtual Exhibitions that you can view online (below). The current exhibition is at the top, followed by previous exhibitions.

  • JAN 15th to March 26th 2022
  • Rosemary Wood. Paintings-Collage-Applique.
  • March 26th to 28th.May.
  • Derek Perry. Photographer.
  • Plymouth born Derek Perry has had a life-long passion for photography. His father's amateur interest in the craft gave him an early foundation in photographic techniques and he acquired his first 35mm. single lens reflex camera as a teenager.
  • Unfortunately, Derek developed Clinical Depression whilst young. This led him to alcohol and drug dependency. He says that the profession of photography has been a lifesaver for him.
  • Roaming our wonderful Devon landscape, photographing its buildings, moors and wildlife has provided a satisfying relief to his illness; he credits his craft for keeping him well for many happy years.
  • This is his first public exhibition.
  • . If you would like to book an exhibition, please email Chris Burchell  at
  • 14th June to 6th August TBA
  • Collette David exhibits  her  delightful  drawings and   paintings  of animals  and landscape. Joining her is Richard  Brown, who, after  retiring  from the  Veterinary Services, took up  painting, demonstrating  a latent talent.. He exhibits  his watercolours of Tavistock and surroundings.
  • 6th August to 3rd. September.
  • Emma Martin. Paintings.
  •  3rd September to 1st October.
  • Christopher Szpajdel and friends. Calligraphy-paintings-landscapes
  • Note: This exhibition is part of the 'Open Studios' programme of the 'Drawn to the Valley' group. Artists will be in attendance at the Wharf during this period.
  • 1st October to 5th November.
  • Mike Nuth. Paintings and drawings.

    Monday 3rd October   to  Friday 4th November 2022

    ‘The Innocent Primitive’

    Paintings and collage.

    Born in London, from 11y to 18y, Mike Nuth attended Moseley School of Arts and Crafts, Birmingham.

    Mike obtained a B.A hons degree in Fine Art and an M.A degree in painting from Birmingham College of Art.

    Nuth set up his studio in Birmingham and exhibited widely, with many solo

    and mixed shows, including Arts Council touring, New Contemporaries, art centres, art galleries and museums.

    Although he has always painted, he has worked as a shepherd in the Black Mountains, as a musician and as an art tutor though he has tried many other things.

    Some years ago he upped sticks from his base in Yorkshire and walked to Devon. For the past few years Mike has travelled on the continent with periods of living in Barcelona. He is presently living and painting in South Devon.

    Mike Nuth’s work is generally based around the human figure. An interest in tribal art, prehistoric art and the art of young children is evident is in his work. He describes his work as ‘Direct, simple with, at times, a physical  presence.’

  • 5th November to 3rd December
  • Continued
  • 3rd. December  to  14th January  2023
  • Rosemary  Wood and  Friends.. After  her  successful exhibition  with  us   earlier  in  the   year,  Rosemary gathers  her  artistic   friends   for   a  delightful   mixed   exhibition with   a particular  eye  on  the  Christmas  season.
  • Rosemary Wood

    Rosemary took up art when she was in her mid-sixties to distract from and manage a chronic pain decease (FMS). She had not attempted art since the age of eleven. Rosemary joined a further education art class “Art for the Terrified” and began her journey. Now several years on, she has exhibited in many exhibitions/galleries and has sold work in Australia, America, Germany and throughout the UK.

    Rosemary is a mixed media artist who enjoys exploring new techniques, currently moving into textiles and enjoying giving new life to old fabrics and material scraps. She is inspired by life, nature and other artists. Her journey continues, her mantra being, “if I can, then anyone can”, “the best gift I ever gave myself”, and “you can do it too”.

    Ian Pethers

    Ian is a member of two national art societies and has been exhibiting alongside colleagues at London’s Mall Gallery since 1986. Originally from East Berkshire, he moved to the Tamar Valley in 1990 to explore the wealth of Cornwall’s mining heritage, woodlands and dramatic coastline. Ian works in watercolour, pencil, ink, acrylic and oil. Further works can be viewed in Southwest Crafts, Tavistock and Mid Cornwall Galleries St Blazey.

    Sarah Hygate

    Sarah has lived in Devon and Cornwall for most of her life. She grew up on a farm near Saltash and moved to Tavistock approximately twenty years ago and studied HND Fine Art at Plymouth CAD. She describes each painting is like a journal of her thoughts and feelings and they became a way of surviving violent and controlling relationships and are a way of expressing the chaos of her mind and the world around her.

    John Dixon

    Emerging Tavistock artist, John Dixon, who moved to the south-west 20 years ago, collects plastic litter from beaches across Devon and Cornwall and uses it to make artistic creations.

    His art makes use of colourful fragments of plastic, fishing rope and other litter washed up on local beaches. John’s art has a dual purpose. First, he seeks to draw attention to the problem of plastic waste by creating pieces that draw the viewer in with their inherent beauty, whilst leading them to ask questions. What was that in its former life? Where has it come from? How did it find its way into the sea? How long has it been there? And second of course, every piece of plastic used in John’s art has been collected from beaches across the southwest, thus turning it from waste to resource.

    Whether you see these creations as beautiful, or an ugly reflection of modern life, the hope is that, through his art, John will encourage more of us to think carefully about the plastic that we consume.