We are pleased to announce that the Wharf Gallery is now open. We thank our visitors for their patience at this difficult time.

We have rearranged our programme. Those artists you have missed during lockdown have been moved to 2021.

27th July—28th August

Charmain Hebbard – Paintings

Charmain has enjoyed painting and drawing for many years. She is a member of a painting group in Bishopsteignton which meets weekly.

She is inspired to paint by the diversity of landscapes and seascapes when out walking on the South West Coast Path, or exploring the varied UK countryside or abroad. She is particularly drawn to quiet places which have a special resonance for her. As well as landscapes, she enjoys painting flowers, trees, gardens, villages and old farm-houses.

Whilst on holiday Charmain always take a small sketchbook to try and capture the essence of a place ‘en plein air’. She loves the discipline of drawing, pen and ink or pencil, as well as the loose effect which can be obtained from bolder brushstrokes when painting. Back in her studio she works up her sketches into larger oil paintings. There is a particular challenge in working out a pleasing composition and ‘making marks’ to create a vibrant and colourful painting.

Lucien Freud said, “The picture, in order to move us, must never merely remind us of life, but must acquire a life of its own”.

Charmain Hebbard has participated in joint exhibitions in Exeter, Teignmouth, Sidmouth and Torquay. This is her first solo exhibition.

All paintings are for sale.

Charmain Hebbard – PaintingsCharmain Hebbard – Paintings

31st August—2nd October

Clive Richards – Paintings

Clive is a Devon-based landscape artist whose reputation is growing fast. He has mounted highly successful exhibitions in Exeter Cathedral and is a regular contributor to the Dartmoor Artists Exhibition, and the Devon Open Studios event. His Alpine paintings have also found a very enthusiastic reception in Courchevel France. People also enjoy viewing his work at his studio in Mamhead near the Haldon Hills.

“I make sketches with colour notes and also take photographs of the subjects I choose, then interpret the scene onto canvas in the warmth of my studio. Having spent much time in inhospitable places during my service in the Royal Marines, I rather relish the luxury of interpreting the wonderful sights nature provides in a degree of comfort.”

Having said that, Clive can still be seen in good weather using his treasured Series 3 Land Rover as a mobile easel throughout the County!

You can view more of his work on Clive’s website or text ART to 07976 885143 to hear more about arranging an informal studio visit.

Clive Richards – PaintingsClive Richards – Paintings

5th—30th October

Tim Saunders – Paintings: “Social Animals”

Tim Saunders is an artist who draws from life (literally and metaphorically) but also uses imagination to explore visual expression.

“Social Animals” is an exhibition of figures in cafes and bars. Such scenes have a long tradition in art going back to 17th century Dutch painting.

As he sketches from life Tim is a hidden participant in the scenes. He brings back to the studio an experience as well as drawings which then become the paintings.

Tim has worked as an artist since 2005 and now works entirely from drawings, watercolour sketches and imagination. On occasion he travels to explore the landscape of Europe but he finds plenty of inspiration here in his home county of Devon.

For more about his work visit Tim’s website.

Tim Saunders – PaintingsTim Saunders – Paintings

2nd—27th November

Christopher Woodfield BA Dip Arch – Paintings

Chris Woodfield has always loved to draw and paint, but his career choice took him in a different direction, graduating from Canterbury College of Art in 1982 as an architect. Apart from architecture the College also ran courses in fine art, sculpture, graphics and fashion. Students were encouraged to participate in these extra curricular activities and expand their arts education.

In between his architectural studies, Chris enjoyed filling his time with ‘en plein air’ painting, life drawing and photography. He moved to Devon in 1988, starting a family and a career in architecture.

He has always lived on the coast and has sailed boats since childhood. As a family they have walked mountains, coast and countryside. This did not leave much time for painting, so five years ago and with the children independent, he left architecture to pick up painting again, using the coast and countryside to provide inspiration.

Chris draws and photographs subjects when out and about. Back in the studio these references are developed to create colour compositions in oil paint to convey to the viewer something of the memory, experience, action, mood, season, weather and the of day.

Christopher Woodfield – PaintingsChristopher Woodfield – Paintings

30th November—15th January

Claire Kinsey – Paintings

Claire Kinsey has lived in Devon for nearly 40 years. Her art is influenced by places she visits and the things that catch her eye when out walking. Sometimes her pieces just evolve after many colour changes and removal of paint. Claire reckons that she probably takes off more paint than she puts on to canvas. Colour is vitally important as it evokes emotion and feeling.

Claire admires the works of Franz Marc and Clarice Cliff. Art Deco and Stained Glass provide further inspiration. She says that her Art provides endless possibilities to express herself and to escape into the world of her inner imaginings.

Claire has two styles. Whilst she tends to be tight and precise in execution, she often breaks the habit to work on a looser, more instinctive piece. Claire then paints, prints, overpainting layer upon layer, then removing and adding paint until she is happy with the result, or the piece tells her it's finished.

Claire Kinsey – PaintingsClaire Kinsey – Paintings