The Wharf’s events calendar is full and varied, and includes a wide variety of live music gigs, films, theatre and special events. Click a month below to see what’s on over the next few months. Click an event title for more details including availability and ticket prices.

Please note – the first couple of months include the full programme of events, and beyond that only confirmed events are shown.


Saturday20th8pmCinemaDramaDarkest Hour (PG)
Tuesday23rd2pmCinemaDramaDarkest Hour (PG)
8pmCinemaDramaDarkest Hour (PG)
Wednesday24th2pmCinemaDramaDarkest Hour (PG)
8pmCinemaDramaDarkest Hour (PG)
Thursday25th2pmCinemaDramaDarkest Hour (PG)
8pmCinemaDramaDarkest Hour (PG)
Friday26th2pmCinemaDramaThe Commuter (15)
7pmCinemaDramaThe Commuter (15)
Saturday27th8:30pmLive MusicRockThe Stone Faced Wellers
Tuesday30th7pmCinemaDramaThe Commuter (15)
Wednesday31st7pmCinemaDramaThe Commuter (15)


Thursday1st2pmCinemaDramaThe Commuter (15)
7pmCinemaDramaThe Commuter (15)
Friday2nd2pmCinemaDramaAll the Money in the World
7pmCinemaDramaAll the Money in the World
Saturday3rd8:30pmLive MusicRockEthyrfield and The Experimental
Tuesday6th7pmCinemaDramaAll the Money in the World
Wednesday7th7pmLive Performance BroadcastsOperaTosca Live from the Royal Opera House
Thursday8th2pmCinemaDramaAll the Money in the World
8pmLive MusicPop RockAdam Wakeman and Damian Wilson
Friday9th2pmCinemaAnimationEarly Man (TBA)
7pmCinemaActionStar Wars: The Last Jedi (PG)
Saturday10th10amCinemaAnimationEarly Man (TBA)
12pmCinemaAnimationEarly Man (TBA)
2pmCinemaAnimationEarly Man (TBA)
8:30pmLive MusicRockWomen In Rock
Sunday11th7:30pmLive MusicAcousticSarah McQuaid
Monday12th10amCinemaAnimationEarly Man (TBA)
4pmCinemaAnimationEarly Man (TBA)
Tuesday13th10amCinemaAnimationEarly Man (TBA)
12pmCinemaAnimationEarly Man (TBA)
2pmCinemaAnimationEarly Man (TBA)
4pmCinemaAnimationEarly Man (TBA)
7pmCinemaActionStar Wars: The Last Jedi (PG)
Wednesday14th10amCinemaAnimationEarly Man (TBA)
12:30pmCinemaAnimationEarly Man (TBA)
2pmCinemaActionStar Wars: The Last Jedi (PG)
7pmLive Performance BroadcastsPlayTwelfth Night live from the RSC
Thursday15th10amCinemaAnimationEarly Man (TBA)
12pmCinemaAnimationEarly Man (TBA)
2pmCinemaActionStar Wars: The Last Jedi (PG)
7pmCinemaActionStar Wars: The Last Jedi (PG)
Friday16th2pmCinemaDramaMolly's Game
Saturday17th8:30pmLive MusicPop RockKick Up the 80's
Sunday18th8pmLive MusicRockThe Unravelling Wilburys
Wednesday21st7pmCinemaDramaMolly's Game
Thursday22nd2pmCinemaDramaMolly's Game
7pmCinemaDramaMolly's Game
Friday23rd2pmCinemaDramaJourney's End
8:30pmLive MusicRockKane'd
Sunday25th7pmLive Performance BroadcastsPlayNT Live: Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Captured Live
Tuesday27th7pmCinemaDramaJourney's End
Wednesday28th7pmLive Performance BroadcastsBalletThe Winter's Tale Live from the Royal Opera House


Thursday1st2pmCinemaDramaJourney's End
7pmCinemaDramaJourney's End
Friday2nd2pmCinemaDramaThe Mercy (12A)
Saturday3rd8:30pmLive MusicProg RockReal To Reel - A tribute to Marillion The Early Years Who is Real To Reel....
Tuesday6th2pmCinemaDramaThe Mercy (12A)
7pmLive Performance BroadcastsOperaCarmen Live from the Royal Opera House
Wednesday7th7pmCinemaDramaThe Mercy (12A)
Thursday8th2pmCinemaDramaThe Mercy (12A)
7pmCinemaDramaThe Mercy (12A)
Friday9th8:30pmLive MusicPunk/PopThe Jam’d
Saturday10th8:30pmLive MusicRockThe Total Who Show
Sunday11th7:30pmLive MusicFolkLeveret and Spiro - The Eccentric Orbits Tour
Friday16th8:30pmLive MusicRockLimehouse Lizzy
Saturday17th8:30pmLive MusicRockPowderfinger – a tribute to Neil Young and Crazy Horse
Sunday18th7:30pmTheatrePlayWhere is Mrs Christie?
Friday23rd8:30pmLive MusicBlues/RockKris Barras
Saturday24th8:30pmLive MusicPunk/PopNirvana UK
Tuesday27th7pmLive Performance BroadcastsBalletNew Wayne McGregor / The Age of Anxiety / New Christopher Wheeldon
Friday30th8:30pmLive MusicRockBlood Red Saints
Saturday31st8:30pmLive MusicPop RockJean Genie


Wednesday4th7pmLive Performance BroadcastsOperaMacbeth Live from the Royal Opera House
Saturday7th8:30pmLive MusicBlues/RockGeoff Achison
Saturday14th8:30pmLive MusicRockDire Streets
Friday27th8:30pmLive MusicRockGenesis Connected
Saturday28th8:30pmLive MusicRockThe 'Guitar Legends' Show


Thursday3rd7pmLive Performance BroadcastsBalletManon Live from the Royal Opera House
Saturday26th8:30pmLive MusicPop RockBootleg Blondie