AGM Minutes

Minutes of FOTW Annual General Meeting held at The Wharf, Monday 22nd May 2017, 3.30pm

Present: Christopher Kirwin (acting chair), Rebecca Garland, Wendy Cronin, Sheena Odle, Eunice Burr, Frank Woodcock and Sue Boxall (committee), and 15 members of Friends of the Wharf.

1.  Apologies:  Ann Pulsford, Gail Reed, Mary Thompson, Elaine Kirwin, Fran McMurray, Janice Cawthorn, Chris Talbot, Susan Overal.

2.  Minutes of AGM held on 16th May 2016: Approval of the 2016 minutes was proposed by Jan Robinson, seconded by Sheena Odle and accepted unanimously. 

3.  Matters Arising From The Minutes:  None.

4.  Financial Report (Gail Reed): In Gail’s absence the accounts were made available for perusal. Christopher Kirwin remarked on the healthy financial state of the Friends, which was mainly due to a large increase in membership in the last year. Jan Robinson asked if any of the Friends’ subscriptions went towards paying for the speakers for the talks – Christopher replied that they did not, there was a separate income stream for this, managed by Ann Pulsford. Acceptance of the accounts was proposed by Jeanette Hipsey, seconded by Sue Boxall and carried.

5. Chairman’s Report (Ann Pulsford): In Ann’s absence her report (attached) was made available to those attending. Christopher thanked Ann for producing the report and Eunice Burr for her work looking after the Wharf garden. Barbie Thompson asked that Ann also be thanked for all her work in arranging the Monday talks and speakers. Acceptance of the Chairman’s report was proposed by Frank Woodcock, seconded by Barbie Thompson and carried.

6. Election of Committee (conducted by Colin Kilvington):  Mary Stewart stood down from the committee this year and was thanked for her years of service. Those standing for election were: Ann Pulsford, Christopher Kirwin, Gail Reed, Rebecca Garland, Wendy Cronin, Eunice Burr, Chris Talbot, Sheena Odle, Frank Woodcock, Sue Boxall, Graham Whalley and Stuart Waterworth. Since this was equal to the maximum number allowed on the committee and there were no further nominations it was suggested that the committee be elected en bloc, which was proposed by Colin Kilvington, seconded by Jeanette Hipsey and carried.

7. Report from CAM (Angela Court): As Angela was unable to attend the meeting questions to be put to her by the committee were invited from the floor. Janet Brodley asked about the current rental agreement for the Canal Road building.

8. Any other business: None.

9. Date and time of next meeting: In May 2018, at a date and time to be decided.