Kick Up the 80's

Kick Up the 80's

Pop Rock  |  Seated+Standing

March 1999, Kick up the 80’s performed it’s first show at a private birthday party in Gornal, West Midlands.

At that point the band had an idea that people would like to celebrate the classic music of the 80’s, a decade that brought us new romantics, two-tone, electronica and big hair rock (amongst others).
Little did they realize that this 80’s party would still be going strong 21 years later, and would spawn multiple other bands paying tribute to the 1980s.

In 2020, some 21 years later the band will embark on a hectic schedule of tour dates throughout the UK to celebrate this anniversary milestone.

The shows will continue to pay homage to the classic songs of the era whilst also throwing in some tongue in cheek “guest” appearances.

As always the crowd are the focus of every Kick up the 80’s show and are encouraged to get involved, dancing, clapping and singing- an 80’s workout Jane Fonda would be proud of!

“Its incredible really” says lead singer Justin “we never dreamed the band would still be playing 21 years later, but I guess it shows what great music was around in the 80’s”.

Bass player Dean added “its all about the crowd, we play the music but they bring the party!”

Drummer Mart sums it up “the bottom line is people want to be entertained, and that’s what Kick up the 80’s do, we host great parties!”
Guitarist Ant concludes “it’s very humbling that after all this time we still see large numbers of people choosing to share their night out with us.
We really need to thank everyone who has come to a show in the last 2 decades, cos without them, there would be no band.”

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Sat 18th May8:30pm
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