By Dr Jonathon Clarke


Talk  |  Seated

JONATHON CLARKE: Doctor of Chiropractic Jon, originally from Saltash, graduated as
‘Student of the Year’ from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth
following 4 years of training and is now In his 15th year of Practice. He also recently sat on
the Executive Board for one of the leading Chiropractic Associations in the UK, the United
Chiropractic Association.
Prior to his Chiropractic degree, Jon studied Biomedical Sciences in Bristol, but was pleased
to be able to return to his home town of Saltash to practice. 
Jon has worked, in the past, with under privileged children and relishes the opportunity to
work with a number of the charities in the local area over the coming years.
Although Chiropractic is an important part of Jon’s life, you will also find him ‘treading the
boards’ in both musicals and panto’s performing with the Wranglers Theatre Company. As a
keen musician, singer and pianist don’t expect a shy, retiring individual.

TALK: Health is really about one thing -  function. How well you
are functioning determines how truly well you are. Health and wellness
are about more than just 'feeling good'; they are about functioning at your
ultimate potential. Events like car accidents and physical traumas are often out
of your control, but how you are functioning and adapting to your
environment on a daily basis is completely within your power.
Therefore, the choice to be healthy or unhealthy is ultimately under your
This is where chiropractic is different. We understand that you cannot focus on
sickness and disease and expect health and wellness. Merely treating
symptoms and refusing to look at the body as a whole, self-healing system is a
mistake that is all too common.
Chiropractors take a broader approach to your health, and look at how you are
functioning rather than just asking how you are feeling.
Dr Jonathan has given this talk to many local clubs and societies and it is
always well received.
If you would like to contact us please ring our clinic on 01752 845451 or email
us, and we would be delighted to help you should you have any further

Mon 25th Mar2pm
All Tickets £6.00
FOTW Conc Single £5.00

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