Have You Been Here before? – The Time Traveller Tony Rae

Have You Been Here before? – The Time Traveller Tony Rae

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Have You Been Here before? – The Time Traveller

Prepare to be truly amazed by Tony Rae, The Time Traveller in an evening unlike anything you have ever seen. This show will totally mesmerise and captivate those who are curious about having lived before and how our experience from past lives contributes to and affects our choices and decisions in this life .

“The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry lifetime after lifetime“

The world master of regression will give a brief introduction of discovering previous lives, some dating back to 3000BC.

Members of the audience will then be selected to time travel on a journey to their past lives, will anyone speak in a foreign language they know nothing about, or write in the styles of days gone by?

The fascinating experience is then directly relayed by audio and video to present one of the most astonishing night you will never forget.

Thu 1st Aug7:30pm
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