The Wharf’s events calendar is full and varied, and includes a wide variety of live music gigs, films, theatre and special events. Click a month below to see what’s on over the next few months. Click an event title for more details including availability and ticket prices.

Please note – the first couple of months include the full programme of events, and beyond that only confirmed events are shown.


Friday3rd2pmCinemaDrama/RomanceThe Longest Ride (PG)
8pmLive MusicBlues/RockNever The Bride
Sunday5th2:45pmLive Performance BroadcastsOperaGuillaume Tell The Royal Opera House
Tuesday7th8pmCinemaDrama/RomanceThe Longest Ride (PG)
Wednesday8th8pmCinemaDrama/RomanceThe Longest Ride (PG)
Thursday9th2pmCinemaDrama/RomanceThe Longest Ride (PG)
8pmCinemaDrama/RomanceThe Longest Ride (PG)
Friday10th2pmCinemaDrama/ThrillerMr Holmes (PG)CANCELLED
Saturday11th8pmLive MusicRockThe Fabulous 59 Ford Band 60 years of Rock and Roll
Tuesday14th8pmCinemaDrama/ThrillerMr Holmes (PG)
Wednesday15th8pmCinemaDrama/ThrillerMr Holmes (PG)
Thursday16th2pmCinemaDrama/ThrillerMr Holmes (PG)
Friday17th2pmCinemaDramaQueen and Country (15)
8pmLive MusicRockThe Doors Alive
Saturday18th8pmLive MusicRockFour Fighters
Tuesday21st8pmCinemaDramaQueen and Country (15)
Wednesday22nd7:15pmLive Performance BroadcastsPlayThe Merchant of Venice RSC
Thursday23rd2pmCinemaDramaQueen and Country (15)
8pmCinemaDramaQueen and Country (15)
Friday24th2pmCinemaAnimationMinions (U)
8pmCinemaDramaThe Choir (PG)
Saturday25th10:30amCinemaAnimationMinions (U)
8pmLive MusicBluesThe Meltones with Jimmy Appudurai-Cha plus Friends
Tuesday28th2pmCinemaAnimationMinions (U)
8pmCinemaDramaThe Choir (PG)
Wednesday29th2pmCinemaAnimationMinions (U)
8pmCinemaDramaThe Choir (PG)
Thursday30th2pmCinemaAnimationMinions (U)
8pmCinemaDramaThe Choir (PG)
Friday31st2pmCinemaAnimationFrozen Sing-A-Long
8pmLive MusicProg RockMostly Autumn


Saturday1st10:30amCinemaAnimationFrozen Sing-A-Long
8pmLive MusicRockOye Santana
Sunday2nd8pmLive MusicJazzFrank Sinatra - The Centennial Celebration
Monday3rd10amTheatreTheatreSHOW IN A WEEK
Tuesday4th10amTheatreTheatreSHOW IN A WEEK
8pmCinemaAction/AdventureTomorrowland: A World Beyond (12A)
Wednesday5th10amTheatreTheatreSHOW IN A WEEK
2pmCinemaAnimationMinions (U)
8pmCinemaAction/AdventureTomorrowland: A World Beyond (12A)
Thursday6th10amTheatreTheatreSHOW IN A WEEK
2pmCinemaAnimationMinions (U)
8pmLive MusicOpen Mic Night with the Fallen Cedars
Friday7th10amTheatreTheatreSHOW IN A WEEK
2pmCinemaAnimationInside Out (U)
Saturday8th10amTheatreTheatreSHOW IN A WEEK
8pmLive MusicRockStone Vulture
Tuesday11th2pmCinemaAnimationInside Out (U)
8pmCinemaAnimationInside Out (U)
Wednesday12th2pmCinemaAnimationInside Out (U)
8pmCinemaAnimationInside Out (U)
Thursday13th2pmCinemaAnimationInside Out (U)
8pmCinemaAnimationInside Out (U)
Friday14th2pmCinemaAnimationInside Out (U)
8pmLive MusicPop RockKast Off Kinks
Saturday15th10:30amCinemaAnimationInside Out (U)
8pmLive MusicRockForeigners Journey
Tuesday18th2pmCinemaAnimationInside Out (U)
8pmCinemaAdventure/ComedyMission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (TBA)
Wednesday19th2pmCinemaAnimationInside Out (U)
8pmCinemaAdventure/ComedyMission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (TBA)
Thursday20th2pmCinemaAnimationInside Out (U)
8pmCinemaAdventure/ComedyMission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (TBA)
Friday21st2pmCinemaComedyDoctor Proctor's Fart Powder
8pmLive MusicBluesThe Mick Ralphs Blues Band
Saturday22nd10:30amCinemaComedyDoctor Proctor's Fart Powder
8pmLive MusicRockKick Up the 80's
Tuesday25th2pmCinemaComedyDoctor Proctor's Fart Powder
Wednesday26th2pmCinemaComedyDoctor Proctor's Fart Powder
7:15pmLive Performance BroadcastsPlayOthello RSC
Thursday27th2pmCinemaComedyDoctor Proctor's Fart Powder
Friday28th8pmLive MusicPop RockGreen Haze


Thursday3rd8pmLive MusicOpen Mic Night with the Fallen Cedars
Saturday5th8pmLive MusicRockThe Bryan Adams Experience
Saturday12th8pmLive MusicRockThe Floyd Effect
Friday18th8pmLive MusicPopThe Mods
Tuesday22nd7:15pmLive Performance BroadcastsBalletRomeo and Juliet: Live from the Royal Opera House
Friday25th8pmLive MusicGlam RockT-Rextasy
Saturday26th8pmLive MusicRockLivewire AC/DC tribute


Thursday1st8pmLive MusicOpen Mic Night with the Fallen Cedars
Friday2nd8pmLive MusicRockAbsolute Bowie
Saturday3rd8pmLive MusicProg RockG2 Genesis Tribute
Monday5th7:15pmLive Performance BroadcastsOperaLe nozze di Figaro Live From The Royal Opera House
Friday9th8pmLive MusicRockCLOUDBUSTING Kate Bush Tribute
Saturday17th8pmLive MusicRockOas-is
Wednesday21st7:15pmLive Performance BroadcastsPlayHenry IV
Friday23rd8pmLive MusicHeavy MetalWolfsbane
Saturday24th8pmLive MusicBlues/RockKing King



Thursday3rd8pmLive MusicOpen Mic Night with the Fallen Cedars
Friday4th8pmLive MusicRockGuns2Roses
Sunday6th7:30pmLive MusicAcousticBookends
Thursday10th7:15pmLive Performance BroadcastsOperaCavalleria rusticana / Pagliacci Live From the Royal Opera House
Friday11th8pmLive MusicRockLimehouse Lizzy
Saturday12th8pmLive MusicRockDesperado
Wednesday16th7:15pmLive Performance BroadcastsBalletThe Nutcracker Live From The Royal Opera House
Friday18th8pmLive MusicPopABBA Tribute