The Wharf’s events calendar is full and varied, and includes a wide variety of live music gigs, films, theatre and special events. Click a month below to see what’s on over the next few months. Click an event title for more details including availability and ticket prices.

Please note – the first couple of months include the full programme of events, and beyond that only confirmed events are shown.


Friday29th2pmCinemaComedy/RomanceThe Age of Adaline (PG)
8pmLive MusicRockThe Boss UK Bruce Springsteen Tribute
Saturday30th8pmLive MusicRockELO Again-Tribute


Tuesday2nd8pmCinemaComedy/RomanceThe Age of Adaline (PG)
Wednesday3rd8pmCinemaComedy/RomanceThe Age of Adaline (PG)
Thursday4th2pmCinemaComedy/RomanceThe Age of Adaline (PG)
8pmLive MusicOpen Mic Night with the Fallen Cedars
Friday5th2pmCinemaComedy/Drama/RomanceDark Horse.THE INCREDIBLE STORY OF DREAM ALLIANCE. (PG)
8pmLive MusicBlues/RockWhole Lotta Led
Saturday6th8pmLive MusicBlues/RockLarry Miller
Tuesday9th8pmCinemaComedy/Drama/RomanceDark Horse.THE INCREDIBLE STORY OF DREAM ALLIANCE. (PG)
Wednesday10th7:15pmLive Performance BroadcastsOperaThe Royal Opera La Boheme
Thursday11th2pmCinemaComedy/Drama/RomanceDark Horse.THE INCREDIBLE STORY OF DREAM ALLIANCE. (PG)
8pmCinemaComedy/Drama/RomanceDark Horse.THE INCREDIBLE STORY OF DREAM ALLIANCE. (PG)
Friday12th2pmCinemaDrama/RomanceA Royal Night Out (12A)
8pmLive MusicRockMused
Saturday13th8pmLive MusicRockDesperado
Tuesday16th8pmCinemaDrama/RomanceA Royal Night Out (12A)
Wednesday17th8pmCinemaDrama/RomanceA Royal Night Out (12A)
Thursday18th2pmCinemaDrama/RomanceA Royal Night Out (12A)
8pmCinemaDrama/RomanceA Royal Night Out (12A)
Friday19th2pmCinemaDrama/ThrillerGood Kill (15)
8pmLive MusicPop RockEric Faulkner-The Bay City RollersCANCELLED
Saturday20th8pmLive MusicProg RockGenesis Connected
Tuesday23rd8pmCinemaDrama/ThrillerGood Kill (15)
Wednesday24th6pmTheatreTheatreEngage Theatre Company Show
8pmCinemaDrama/ThrillerGood Kill (15)
Thursday25th2pmCinemaDrama/ThrillerGood Kill (15)
8pmCinemaDrama/ThrillerGood Kill (15)
Friday26th2pmCinemaAction/ComedySpy (15)
8pmLive MusicPopBig Up The 90's
Tuesday30th8pmCinemaAction/ComedySpy (15)


Wednesday1st7:15pmLive Performance BroadcastsOperaEnglish National Opera Present Carman
Thursday2nd2pmCinemaAction/ComedySpy (15)
8pmLive MusicOpen Mic Night with the Fallen Cedars
8pmCinemaAction/ComedySpy (15)
Friday3rd2pmCinemaDrama/RomanceThe Longest Ride (PG)
8pmLive MusicBlues/RockNever The Bride
Sunday5th2:45pmLive Performance BroadcastsOperaGuillaume Tell
Tuesday7th8pmCinemaDrama/RomanceThe Longest Ride (PG)
Wednesday8th8pmCinemaDrama/RomanceThe Longest Ride (PG)
Thursday9th2pmCinemaDrama/RomanceThe Longest Ride (PG)
8pmCinemaDrama/RomanceThe Longest Ride (PG)
Saturday11th8pmLive MusicRockThe Fabulous 59 Ford Band 60 years of Rock and Roll
Friday17th8pmLive MusicRockThe Doors Alive
Saturday18th8pmLive MusicRockFour Fighters
Wednesday22nd7:15pmLive Performance BroadcastsPlayThe Merchant of Venice RSC
Friday31st8pmLive MusicProg RockMostly Autumn


Sunday2nd8pmLive MusicJazz"Frank Sinatra - The Centennial Celebration
Thursday6th8pmLive MusicOpen Mic Night with the Fallen Cedars
Friday14th8pmLive MusicPop RockKast Off Kinks
Saturday15th8pmLive MusicRockForeigners Journey
Saturday22nd8pmLive MusicRockKick Up the 80's
Wednesday26th7:15pmLive Performance BroadcastsPlayOthello RSC


Saturday5th8pmLive MusicRockThe Bryan Adams Experience
Saturday12th8pmLive MusicRockThe Floyd Effect
Friday18th8pmLive MusicPopThe Mods
Friday25th8pmLive MusicGlam RockT-Rextasy
Saturday26th8pmLive MusicRockLivewire AC/DC tribute


Friday2nd8pmLive MusicRockAbsolute Bowie
Saturday3rd8pmLive MusicProg RockG2 Genesis Tribute
Friday9th8pmLive MusicRockCLOUDBUSTING Kate Bush Tribute
Saturday17th8pmLive MusicRockOas-is
Saturday24th8pmLive MusicBlues/RockKing King


Saturday7th8pmLive MusicRockThe Bon Jovi Experience
Friday13th8pmLive MusicRockFLEETWOOD BAC


Friday4th8pmLive MusicRockGuns2Roses
Sunday6th7:30pmLive MusicAcousticBookends
Friday11th8pmLive MusicRockLimehouse Lizzy
Saturday12th8pmLive MusicRockDesperado
Friday18th8pmLive MusicPopABBA Tribute