The Wharf’s events calendar is full and varied, and includes a wide variety of live music gigs, films, theatre and special events. Click a month below to see what’s on over the next few months. Click an event title for more details including availability and ticket prices.

Please note – the first couple of months include the full programme of events, and beyond that only confirmed events are shown.


Wednesday17th8pmCinemaComedy/DramaWhat If (15)
Thursday18th2pmCinemaComedy/DramaWhat If (15)
8pmCinemaComedy/DramaWhat If (15)
Friday19th2pmCinemaDramaIf I Stay (12A)
8pmLive MusicThe Mods Sixties Party
Saturday20th8pmLive MusicRockThe Bryan Adams Experience
Tuesday23rd8pmCinemaDramaIf I Stay (12A)
Wednesday24th8pmCinemaDramaIf I Stay (12A)
Thursday25th2pmCinemaDramaIf I Stay (12A)
8pmCinemaDramaIf I Stay (12A)
Friday26th2pmCinemaThrillerBefore I Go to Sleep (15)
8pmLive MusicGlam RockT.Rextasy
Saturday27th8pmLive MusicRockMused
Sunday28th2pmTheatreMusicalBilly Elliot the Musical
7pmTheatreMusicalBilly Elliot the Musical
Tuesday30th8pmCinemaThrillerBefore I Go to Sleep (15)


Wednesday1st8pmCinemaThrillerBefore I Go to Sleep (15)
Thursday2nd2pmCinemaThrillerBefore I Go to Sleep (15)
8pmCinemaThrillerBefore I Go to Sleep (15)
Friday3rd2pmCinemaDramaThe Hundred Foot Journey (PG)
8pmLive MusicRockJoe Bonamassa Tribute
Saturday4th2pmTheatreTheatreThe Peoples Theatre Company Present 'Old MacDonald Had A Farm'
8pmLive MusicRockG2 Definitve Genesis
Sunday5th8pmLive MusicFolk/ClassicalKathryn Tickell and the Side
Tuesday7th8pmCinemaDramaThe Hundred Foot Journey (PG)
Wednesday8th8pmCinemaDramaThe Hundred Foot Journey (PG)
Thursday9th2pmCinemaDramaThe Hundred Foot Journey (PG)
8pmCinemaDramaThe Hundred Foot Journey (PG)
Friday10th2pmCinemaActionA Walk Among The Tombstones (15)
8pmLive MusicRockCloudbusting - "Kate Bush Show"
Saturday11th8pmLive MusicThe Ultimate Tribute to Michael Jackson
Tuesday14th8pmCinemaActionA Walk Among The Tombstones (15)
Wednesday15th8pmCinemaActionA Walk Among The Tombstones (15)
Thursday16th2pmCinemaActionA Walk Among The Tombstones (15)
Friday17th2pmCinemaComedy/RomanceMagic in the Moonlight (12A)
Saturday18th7:30pmLive MusicClassicalThe Last Night of the Proms
8pmLive MusicRockOas-isCANCELLED
Tuesday21st8pmCinemaComedy/RomanceMagic in the Moonlight (12A)
Wednesday22nd7:30pmLive MusicTavistock Musical Theatre Co "Broadway Nights"
Thursday23rd2pmCinemaComedy/RomanceMagic in the Moonlight (12A)
7:30pmLive MusicTavistock Musical Theatre Co "Broadway Nights"
Friday24th2pmCinemaAnimationThe Boxtrolls (PG)
8pmLive MusicHeavy MetalSaxonized
Saturday25th10:30amCinemaAnimationThe Boxtrolls (PG)
8pmLive MusicRockWishbone Ash
Sunday26th8pmTheatreComedyA Totally Unreliable History of Tavistock
Tuesday28th2pmCinemaAnimationThe Boxtrolls (PG)
8pmCinemaDramaWhat We Did On Our Holiday (12A)
Wednesday29th2pmCinemaAnimationThe Boxtrolls (PG)
8pmCinemaDramaWhat We Did On Our Holiday (12A)
Thursday30th2pmCinemaAnimationThe Boxtrolls (PG)
8pmCinemaDramaWhat We Did On Our Holiday (12A)
Friday31st2pmCinemaThrillerGrand Piano (15)


Saturday1st8pmLive MusicRockThe Bon Jovi Experience
Sunday2nd8pmLive MusicFolkKathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman
Tuesday4th8pmCinemaThrillerGrand Piano (15)
Wednesday5th8pmCinemaThrillerGrand Piano (15)
Thursday6th2pmCinemaThrillerGrand Piano (15)
Friday7th8pmLive MusicRockDressed to Kill
Sunday9th8pmLive MusicFolkThe Old Dance School
Friday14th8pmLive MusicProg RockFocus
Saturday15th8pmLive MusicRockWhole Lotta Led
Friday21st8pmLive MusicRockLIVEWIRE - THE AC/DC SHOW
Saturday29th8pmLive MusicHeavy MetalRainbow Rising


Thursday4th8pmLive MusicFolkWinter Mountain
Saturday6th8pmLive MusicSoulJoey the Lips
Friday12th8pmLive MusicRockFleetwood Bac
Friday19th8pmLive MusicPop RockThe South
Saturday20th8pmLive MusicRockRock N Roll Outlaws Farewell Concert