The Wharf’s events calendar is full and varied, and includes a wide variety of live music gigs, films, theatre and special events. Click a month below to see what’s on over the next few months. Click an event title for more details including availability and ticket prices.

Please note – the first couple of months include the full programme of events, and beyond that only confirmed events are shown.


Wednesday4th7pmTheatreShakespeareLoves Labours Won Live from the Royal Shakespeare Theatre
Thursday5th2pmCinemaDramaKingsman: The Secret Service (15)
8pmLive MusicOpen Mic Night with the Fallen Cedars
Friday6th2pmCinemaDocumentaryNational Gallery (12A)
8pmLive MusicRockStone Vulture
Saturday7th8pmLive MusicRockThe Total Who Show
Sunday8th2pmLive Performance BroadcastsBalletThe Bolshoi Ballet Present "Romeo and Juliet"
Tuesday10th8pmCinemaDocumentaryNational Gallery (12A)
Wednesday11th2pmCinemaDocumentaryNational Gallery (12A)
7:30pmLive Performance BroadcastsOperaEnglish National Opera Present "La Traviata"
Thursday12th2pmCinemaDocumentaryNational Gallery (12A)
7:30pmTheatreTheatrePsychic Medium Nikki Kitt
Friday13th2pmCinemaComedy/DramaThe Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (PG)
8pmTheatreComedyKernow King
Saturday14th8pmLive MusicRockThe Rollin Clones
Monday16th8pmCinemaComedy/DramaThe Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (PG)
Tuesday17th2pmCinemaComedy/DramaThe Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (PG)
7:15pmLive Performance BroadcastsBalletThe Royal Ballet Present Swan Lake
Wednesday18th2pmCinemaComedy/DramaThe Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (PG)
8pmCinemaComedy/DramaThe Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (PG)
Thursday19th2pmCinemaComedy/DramaThe Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (PG)
8pmCinemaComedy/DramaThe Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (PG)
Friday20th2pmCinemaAction/ComedyMortdecai (12A)
8pmLive MusicRockThe Bon Jovi Experience
Saturday21st8pmLive MusicRockCream of Clapton
Tuesday24th8pmCinemaAction/ComedyMortdecai (12A)
Wednesday25th8pmCinemaAction/ComedyMortdecai (12A)
Thursday26th2pmCinemaAction/ComedyMortdecai (12A)
7pmLive Performance BroadcastsMusicalSan Francisco Opera Present Show Boat
Friday27th2pmCinemaAnimationHome (U)
8pmLive MusicSkaThe Normals
Saturday28th10:30amCinemaAnimationHome (U)
8pmLive MusicRockBootleg Blondie
Monday30th2pmCinemaAnimationHome (U)
8pmCinemaDramaFifty Shades of Grey (18)
Tuesday31st2pmCinemaAnimationHome (U)
8pmCinemaDramaFifty Shades of Grey (18)


Wednesday1st2pmCinemaAnimationHome (U)
7pmLive Performance BroadcastsOperaThe Rise and Fall of Mahagonny
Thursday2nd2pmCinemaAnimationHome (U)
8pmLive MusicScrumpy and WesternThe Wurzels
Saturday4th10:30amCinemaAnimationBig Hero 6 (PG)
8pmLive MusicHeavy MetalHi-On Maiden
Tuesday7th2pmCinemaAnimationBig Hero 6 (PG)
8pmCinemaDramaHinterland (15)
Wednesday8th2pmCinemaAnimationBig Hero 6 (PG)
8pmCinemaDramaHinterland (15)
Thursday9th2pmCinemaAnimationBig Hero 6 (PG)
8pmLive MusicOpen Mic Night with the Fallen Cedars
Friday10th2pmCinemaDramaThe Good Lie (12A)
8pmLive MusicBlues/RockBlacktop Deluxe
Saturday11th8pmLive MusicRockDire Streets
Tuesday14th8pmCinemaDramaThe Good Lie (12A)
Wednesday15th8pmCinemaDramaThe Good Lie (12A)
Thursday16th2pmCinemaDramaThe Good Lie (12A)
8pmCinemaDramaThe Good Lie (12A)
Friday17th2pmCinemaDramaSelma (12A)
8pmLive MusicBluesVince Lee and the Big Combo
Saturday18th8pmLive MusicRockShowaddywaddy
Sunday19th3:45pmLive Performance BroadcastsBalletThe Bolshoi Ballet Present "Ivan the Terrible"
Tuesday21st8pmCinemaDramaSelma (12A)
Wednesday22nd8pmCinemaDramaSelma (12A)
Thursday23rd2pmCinemaDramaSelma (12A)
8pmCinemaDramaSelma (12A)
Friday24th8pmLive MusicRockHells Bells
Saturday25th8pmLive MusicSoul/FunkThe Snake Davis Band
Sunday26th2:30pmLive Performance BroadcastsOperaOpera de Paris Present "Carmen"


Friday1st8pmLive MusicFolk-RockMad Dog Mcrea
Saturday9th8pmLive MusicRockCregan & Co
Friday15th8pmLive MusicFolkRalph McTell