Jackal Fatigue

Jackal Fatigue

Rock  |  Seated+Standing

Two rock bands combine to form the eight piece, rock’n’roll orchestra that is Jackal Fatigue!

The Jack have been playing the scene for over 15 years rocking the pubs, clubs and festivals with amazing energy, awesome raw power and a bit of a swagger, covering rock giants such as Queen, ZZ Top, Credence Clearwater Revival and AC/DC.

Metal Fatigue originally thrust themselves onto an unsuspecting public in the late 70's, and have been rocking under various names throughout the last five decades. Very much a “party rock” band (be prepared to sing along), Metal Fatigue add the sophistication of Pink Floyd into their mix of staple classics from the likes of The Cult through to Thin Lizzy (with the obligatory excursions into AC/DC territory), and the odd “surprise” to keep you rocking in a party vibe.

The bands change-over on stage in mid-song and mid-flight (without a safety net) in a dynamic style and without stopping for air.
Visually, the stage setup can match any stadium rock show for pomp and glory. The back-line, consisting of two shinny chrome Pearl powerhouse drum kits and an arsenal of Marshall and Peavey amps, complete with a veritable wall of speaker cabs, fill the back of the stage, almost extending out of view on each side.

Both bands come together for a rousing finale of classic rock - eight musicians onstage and going full tilt, discarding blow up air guitars and any thing else that they can blow up - total rock mayhem!

Metal Fatigue:
Bruce - Lead Tambourine and Vocals, Tony C. - Lead Guitar, Phil - Loud Guitar and Vocals, Age - "Big" Guitar and Vocals, Tony S. - Drums

The Jack:
Danny - Guitar and Vocals, Mark - Bass and Vocals, Tilly - Drums

Together they are the mighty Jackal Fatigue !

Sat 27th Jul8:30pm
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