Danny Bryant

Danny Bryant

Blues  |  Seated+Standing

Danny Bryant takes his highly anticipated new album, ‘Revelation’, on the road.
Riding high on the European blues scene for over a decade, Danny is acknowledged by those in the
business as one of the cream of the crop. Hot on the heels of his successful 2017 live album, BIG,
‘Revelation’ is a musical whirlwind. ‘I can’t wait to play these new tracks live. They have a classic feel,
without losing the driving guitar and rock/blues edge. It’s going to be a lot of fun’.

Danny Bryant is pleased to announce his highly anticipated new studio album “Revelation” –
released by Jazzhaus Records on Friday 20th April 2018.
His fourth studio album to be produced by Richard Hammerton, following in the footsteps of
2015’s Blood Money and 2014’s Temperature Rising, the new album is one of Danny’s most
personal and emotional album of his career.
“When I began writing this album, I knew that it was going to be one of the toughest challenges
of my career,” says Danny. “It wasn't lack of material, it wasn't a lack of desire, but I realised
from the beginning that, if this record was to achieve the things I wanted it to say, I would have
to go deep inside of myself with these songs and confront memories and emotions I didn't really
want to face.”
“Most of all, be completely honest in my writing or it wouldn’t work. The year preceding this
album was, for personal reasons, the very hardest of my life. In the space of six months I lost
one of my oldest and closest friends and shortly thereafter my father passed away, after a long
tough illness. Dad played bass in my band for many years and together we stood side by side
playing over two thousand shows, we travelled the world together, he was my best friend and
the bedrock of this family.“
“I was struck with a deep depression and crippling anxiety and in times like this I have always
found salvation within music. So these songs are dark in subject matter, they are about isolation,
despair, and dark times. They question things that I previously had never considered.”
“But this is not an album of dirge music, don’t misunderstand. Indeed, many of the songs are
upbeat in tempo and reveal a much more rocky influence to my music. They are heavy laden
with guitar and deserve to be played loud! I am incredibly proud of the results because this
collection of music is all the things that, for a long while, I couldn't articulate in everyday life.
The long nights and the endless searching.”
“Musically speaking, this album features my core band alongside the members of my full 9-piece
Big Band, a project which I love touring with. It’s great to hear the brass and keys on these
songs, they add new and rich textures and I find myself feeling musically more refreshed,
inspired and dedicated than I have for many years.”

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Sun 10th Jun7:30pm
From 6pm on the night £16.00
In Advance £15.00
Wharf Music Club £14.00

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