Gallery programme - Programme 2017

Forthcoming exhibitions at the Wharf Art Gallery are shown below. Further details can be found in the Wharf magazine, published bi-monthly. Invitations to private views may be obtained by emailing, or filling in our enquiry form.

We particularly encourage local artists to exhibit with us, and actively promote new talent. If you would like to exhibit at the WharfGallery, please contact Chris Burchell, Art Director, on 01822 613928 or for further details.

Monday 2nd September to Friday 3rd November 2017



December 4th 2017 to January 13th 2018.

 Jacey  Neill. Digital Art.

 Tavistock resident Jacey exhibits her experimental digital images for the first time. Exploring the themes of dance, landscape and emotions, her works exploit the creative posibilities of the computer.

 Signed mounted unframed prints. £30 to order.

Muriel Martin. Paintings.

Born in  Devon in  1925, Muriel was brought up on the family farm at Lifton. Her formative days were spent helping in the home farm  dairy, general farm work, and later, driving the milk delivery lorry. In between tractor driving, ploughing and shooting, Muriel found time to marry local lad Glanville, raise a family and devote her time to community work. For some years she and Glanville ran the Lamerton Youth Club.

After leaving Lifton, they moved to Newberry where they were appointed house parents in a residential special school for boys.

In her retirement, Muriel took up painting as a hobby under the tutelage of Yvonne Burchell, a Milton Abbot artist. She has produced over one hundred delightful paintings, many of which have been sold abroad.

At the age of 91, this is Muriel’s first exhibition. Her style is easy on the eye, exploring traditional scenes and images in a figurative style. 

Mark Bone. Abstract and figurative paintings.

Mark Bone started painting when he enrolled in an Introduction to Painting evening class at Richmond-upon-Thames Adult Art College in the early 1970’s. His work there was exclusively in gouache and he painted and exhibited in Richmond and Twickenham until 1978. His career then took a different turn when as a professional bookseller he decided with his wife to open and work together in their own bookshop in Teddington. This ruled out any prospect of art activities so all work and equipment was put away. When he retired and moved to Gunnislake in 1998 Mark started working in watercolours at Yvonne Burchell’s classes at the Alexander Centre and has learned and worked with her since then. In 2010  he sent pictures for exhibition in Celle, Germany and in 2012, to  Finland together with other Tavistock artists.      

His work is meticulous. Painting in watercolours and gouache, he interprets local landscapes in his thoughtful style. His abstracts explore the possibilities of illusion and perspective.

Prints for sale.

By Muriel Martin.

       Abstracts by Mark Bone.



JANUARY  Martin/Bone/Neill

FEBRUARY.TBA                      The Bayeux Tapestry. An exhibition of prints. Selected scenes and paintings.

MARCH.     TBA                                                                                       

                                               These months are FREE at present

JUNE         TBA                        The Wharf Welcomes approaches from

JULY         TBA                         Local artists. Contact Chris Burchell

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 Mon 2nd April to Friday 27th April,

 Born in 1964 Jonathan spent his childhood living on farms. He inherited his father’s love of rural life, engendering an enduring a love of animals and nature and the out-door life.

He graduated with a degree in Illustration from Brighton Art College in 1986 and then worked as a commercial illustrator with an agent in London on projects including book, video and editorial illustration.

 The birth of his son in 1987 led to his training as an art teacher and he worked for seven years in secondary education specialising in computer graphics and fine art. 

In the year 2000, inspired by the example of Gaugin, who travelled to Tahiti in search of the elusive dream of wild beauty, Jonathan went to Costa Rica where he built a home in the jungle where he spends several months each year, painting landscapes and carving.  

In England, the expansive landscapes of Dartmoor always provide an  inspiration to paint. Here, he tries to capture something of the unique quality of light in the changing skies and record the subtle colours of the moors and the qualities of the water and rocks that makes Dartmoor so unique.

Mon 30th April to Fri 1st June.

Rosemary Wood and Francoise Albert.


Rosemary and Francoise exhibit their paintings for the fisrt time at the Wharf.

Private View. Sunday 29th April 6-8pm. For invitations please contact chrisburchell@tavistockwharf,com





Rosemary Bonney and Anne Chester-King.


 Monday 6th August to Friday 31st August. 2018

 Rosemary Bonney is a landscape painter living on the edge of Dartmoor and working from her studio in Holne.  She has drawn and painted throughout her life but began painting seriously about 15 years ago after a career in biomedical research. 

 She is self-taught and exhibits regularly in the South West, both in galleries and solo, also in shared and group exhibitions. She has work in private collections in the UK, Europe and Australia. 

 Rosemary is passionate about the Dartmoor landscape, which provides her with endless inspiration.  She interprets it in all its moods, seeking out the wilder areas of the moor, attempting to capture the fleeting and dramatic light changes that the unpredictable weather brings. 

 She is particularly drawn to ancient sites such as the stone rows and circles that reflect the moor’s history but also the more gentle parts of the landscape with intricate field patterns of hedged or stonewalled fields, juxtaposed with bleak moorland, tumbling rivers and rocky tors. Colour is important to her and she enjoys experimenting with new ways of expressing the essence of the landscape with a particular emphasis on colour. 

 The more intimate aspects of the landscape, particularly the profusion of wild flowers typical of the Devon countryside, provide endless inspiration.

 The beautiful coastline of the South West Peninsula is also an inspiration to her, presenting a contrast to the starkness of the moor in all its moods.

Rosemary paints with oils, acrylics and mixed media using a range of implements including rollers, palette knives, brushes, rags and hands.

 Ann Chester- King

Ann is a landscape painter who lives and practices in Devon. She never tires of the wild and raw beauty of Dartmoor and it is a constant inspiration for painting. There are so many different aspects to the moor its wildlife, fauna and its ancient human history, providing endless sources of materials to be explored in painting.

 For a long time, she has used oil paint on canvas, enjoying painting on both large and small scale. Recently Ann has been developing work on paper using a wide variety of materials: acrylic, gouache, watercolour, charcoal and pencil. The different materials expand the artistic ‘language’ to respond to the environment and allow for broad vocabulary of expression.

  Her work attempts to portray this impressive open and wild natural space, particularly being drawn to paintings of Dartmoor in wild and cold weather when skies can become so dramatic. The constant change in the Dartmoor landscape never ceases to excite and provide a challenge to her as a painter.



Mon Oct 8th to Fri 2nd Nov.

Sonya Turner.



Sonia Turner is a local artist living in Devon.
As a child she can remember the moment when her passion for art was born when she picked up a pencil and a magical feeling flooded over her.

 Forty years on she still recalls that moment when she picks up her paint brush and it touches the canvas.

 Sonia enjoys working in a variety of media, particularly oil paints and graphite pencil.

 Her style and techniques are something that she is still exploring and developing.

 The challenges posed by the observational skills involved in animal portraits and commissioned works allow her to visually evoke the character of her subject and express feelings.
Sonia prefers the adventure and discovery of painting straight onto canvas without any planning or preconceived ideas.

Mon 5th Nov to Fri 30th Nov

Alan Kingwell.


Well known local artist Alan Kingwell returns to the Wharf with another stunnig collectio of his seascapes.