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Forthcoming exhibitions at the Wharf Art Gallery are shown below. Further details can be found in the Wharf magazine, published bi-monthly. Invitations to private views may be obtained by emailing chrisburchell@tavistockwharf.com, or filling in our enquiry form.

We particularly encourage local artists to exhibit with us, and actively promote new talent. If you would like to exhibit at the Wharf Gallery, please contact Chris Burchell, Art Director, on 01822 613928 or chrisburchell@tavistockwharf.com for further details.

Monday 28th November 2016 to Friday 6th January 2017

Mount Kelly Exhibition

Mount Kelly’s Art exhibition at the Tavistock Wharf Gallery in December serves to celebrate the collaboration between our pupils and established artists living and working in West Devon.

Jennie Hale an artist / potter lives and works in the beautiful wooded Lyd valley. It is here where she creates her nature diaries, recording forest creatures, bugs and ripples in the river. From these she generates unique earthenware, and Raku fired sculptures. Jennie’s animals and birds come to life, expertly decorated with oxides and glazes. These beautiful creations have inspired and motivated our pupils and adults alike who attend a Saturday class at the college desiring to create their own ceramic masterpieces. Animals, human heads and artifacts, skillfully coiled and modeled with expert guidance.

Our A ‘Level pupils also get the opportunity to work alongside highly acclaimed Mary Gillet at her Tamar Print Workshop. Set on the edge of Dartmoor, her surroundings are captured in her scored, furrowed, scraped and burnished etchings and landscapes which become contemplations on how our surroundings can reflect our histories, our moods and our thoughts. Pupils learn historical techniques and processes, helping them to turn their observational drawings into individually unique finely crafted prints.

The artwork of Jennie Hale and Mary Gillet will be presented alongside that of our pupils, showcasing artists of the present and potentially, of the future.

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 Monday 16th January 2016 to Friday 24th February 2017

Katherine Xulu


A screen print artist based near Launceston, Katherine would describe her style as ‘pop art’ with a heart. She uses a mixture of photo sensitive emulsion and paper stencils with acrylic paints.

She draws her inspiration through photographic images. In a recent piece she used an image of ice skaters and set them over an old astrological chart. This picture represented love, fate and the fragility of life. She has also used images of carousels and trapeze artists to represent the ‘merry go round’ of love and relationships.

Colour is really important to her. She might find a piece of driftwood on the beach with a faded blue that she will keep and match up in a print.

Like the old Masters, Katherine mixes all her coIours herself and does not use them straight from the pot. She loves to play with contrasting colours, metallic golds and silvers mixed with other colours. This can highlight and lift elements of the picture. Enjoying experiment, she plays with techniques to produce different effects. Leaves, cotton thread and even cotton wool under the screens create unusual results.

Katherine’s studio is a shed in the garden. She made her screen print press from scrap wood and got some old metal screens second hand. This gives her work a ‘cottage art’ feel. As she does not have the equipment to produce large print runs, work can always vary slightly within the run. This allows her to play with and exaggerate the mis-registrations that occur. This has become a theme in her work, eschewing perfection.

 ‘Life isn’t perfect and we are all unique.’ She says. “This is my art and you don’t have to like it, I have done it because something inside me wants and needs to be whole again”.

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