Exhibitions Programme

Forthcoming exhibitions at the Wharf Art Gallery are shown below. Further details can be found in the Wharf magazine, published bi-monthly. Invitations to private views may be obtained by emailing chrisburchell@tavistockwharf.com, or filling in our enquiry form.

We particularly encourage local artists to exhibit with us, and actively promote new talent. If you would like to exhibit at the Wharf Gallery, please contact Chris Burchell, Art Director, on 01822 613928 or chrisburchell@tavistockwharf.com for further details.


Monday 11th January to Friday 3rd March

Paul Banks

My work is a marriage of unrestrained fluidity and the control I exert during the initial creative process to discover the perfect point of balance. Using action painting techniques and influences, a foundation of paint is laid down, which is then manipulated to produce images that create the sensation that this movement is still taking place; that the medium is still molten and alive, as if able to consume the viewer both physically and mentally.
The interplay of organic patterns, textures and colours as they move, combine and then disperse in new ways as they dry intrigues me. I am challenged at once to be both in control of the process and outside of it, looking on. The duelling emotions of needing control and letting go that consume each of us on a daily basis both excite and frighten me as I move around the canvas.

Firestorm Essence

Monday March 7th to Friday 1st April 2016. 

Nigel Follett - Digital Painting

Nigel's paintings mix traditional free-hand fine art with digital formats and are a stunning array of original artworks, ranging from portraits and landscapes to more concept and surreal pieces. 

''...some of his artworks are absolutely beautiful. Actually, there's a whole wealth of stuff, some with an uncomfortably acute resonance with some of the Big Concerns, both political and environmental...''

 Prof. Paul (Oz) Hardwick. Professor of English, Leeds Trinity University, England. 

One of his works was short-listed in 2014 for the Gallery of Top 100 works worldwide for the Lumen Exhibition Prize; this painting was displayed in the Lumen On-line Gallery for several months. The prize is described by 'The Guardian' as 'The World's Pre-eminent Digital Art Prize'. This same painting was on display for three months at the HQ of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in Canary Wharf, London, England. 

During December 2014, his painting '355mL' was used by environmental pressure groups, 'Orangutan Outreach' and 'Rainforest Action Network' in their global campaign against PespiCo for their use of conflict palm oil in many of their products.

Ragnars Epitap Hotel Ozymandias

Monday 4th April to Friday 29th April 2016

LAAG was formed in 1980 and has a membership of just over 20 which includes most standards from relative beginner to those with considerable experience.

The group meets every Thursday at Trebullett Church Hall from Autumn to Spring. They hold a variety of workshops, demonstrations and lectures.  These are delivered by local professional artists and art tutors and cover a wide range of media and subject matter.  The subjects range from drawing and painting, still life and figure, to printmaking, collage and many other skills.  When there is no visiting artist members take the opportunity to demonstrate their own particular interest or we have a discussion session, comparing notes on our own individual work.

We charge an annual subscription to cover the cost of tutorials

Summer meetings are en plein air at a variety of locations, including members’ houses, to sketch or paint in preparation for later works in the studio. We regularly visit exhibitions and galleries throughout the year.

Each year we hold at least two exhibitions again in a variety of locations in and around the Launceston area.

 A sheep in a meadow. An idyllic landscape

Monday 2nd May to Friday 27th May 2016

Graham Schofield BA (hons)

Painter, illustrator and sometime photographer.

Schofield  gained a BA (hons) Fine Art, painting in 1973.  However not long after, he returned to a previous life  as a seagoing engineer.

He later studied Technical Illustration and worked for a while as a technical illustrator.  Retiring several years ago after spending further time as a chief engineer at sea, he now paints full time.

Schofield has always wanted to produce pictorial images and during periods when painting was impossible he took up photography.  Over the years he has taken photographs in England and around the world.  It would be difficult to pigeon hole the photos though many could be classed as “street photography” long before it became a popular genre.  He also has a fondness for industrial landscapes and likes to take slightly abstract pictures of the material world.

When he retired he made a living making illustrations of cars and tractors and also animal and human portrait commissions.

Although the majority of his work is in oils, he occasionally works in water colour and draws  in various media including pastel, ink, charcoal.

Having spent a considerable time in the Far East he is influenced by Japanese art and culture and also Chinese painting.

His current paintings are figurative, attempting to make the pictures spatially realistic. Schofield like to try different methods of painting, experimenting with composition.  They have several and varied themes and interrelated threads that draw on art history, human relationships, literature, the philosophical, satire and social comment and the comic tragedy of life.

His work  is also sometimes partly autobiographical.  Within these themes, the human figure – the human body and human beings are to him of prime importance.  The work is candid, hopefully has an element of humour and is meant to entertain.

 Blue Geisha La Dolce Vita

Monday 30th May to Friday 24th June 2016
Chris Burchell.
Chris Burchell shares some of the photographs he has taken over the years. His images range from post WWll London and 1950's Kuwait to post Independence Kenya. His camera ranges over an eclectic array of scenes from everyday life.
'I use my camera as a sketchbook to inform my work as an artist.' he says.
Poole PavementUnemployed

Paul Banks


Monday 1st August to Friday 26th August 2016

Robert W. Mountjoy SWAc

Robert Mountjoy was born in Bideford, North Devon in 1950 and attended the local grammar school.  He trained in Cheltenham and gained a degree from Bristol University. He took up a teaching post in Cheltenham in 1972.

In 1985 he returned to his native Devon to live near Tavistock. He is married with two children and now grandchildren.

Although initially a commited abstract artist, the move required a brief rest from painting and when he resumed his work had become figurative, sometimes approaching realism.

He works mainly in acrylic and watercolour on gesso primed paper but sometimes uses canvas covered boards for portraits.

Subjects have been drawn from a variety of sources and range from landscapes through portraits to still life. Obsessive observation of simple forms in beams of light have provided inspiration for recent paintings.


Arts Council Award for Painting 1982

Mail Marketing International First Prize (for most outstanding work in a water-based medium) RWA 2002

Academician – South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts 2003

Lynn Painter Stainer Award shortlist 2005

Robert Mountjoy1 Robert Mountjoy2

Monday 29th August to Friday 23 September 2016

Susan Thomson - Botanical Artist

Susan is a botanical artist and lives in Topsham, Devon. She trained in graphic design and worked in advertising, before studying botanical drawing and watercolour painting at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

Susan has exhibited widely in the UK, including at the Royal Scottish Academy, the Royal Botanic Garden and the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society in Edinburgh.

In London she has been included in the Royal Academy of Art’s ‘Summer Exhibition’, the Llewellyn Alexander ‘Not the Royal Academy’,  the Westminster Art Gallery with the Society of Botanical Artists, and at Prospero House, an exhibition titled ‘Torbay to London’ organised by the Artizan Gallery in Torquay in January 2016. Susan also exhibits at the Majlis Gallery in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where she teaches botanical workshops.

Susan’s watercolour painting incorporates detailed work as well as a freer more personal style. She has added birds to her portfolio inspired by the bird sanctuaries locally in Devon, and she has experimented with silk painting, print and acrylic to create less controlled pieces.

Susan works to commission and teaches botanical watercolour workshops in Devon.

For further details please contact:




 Susan Thomson - Owl Susan Thomson - Parrot Tulips

Monday 26th September to Friday 28th October 2016
Yvonne Burchell - Photographs

An established painter, Yvonne trained at Ealing School of Art in the 1960's. She lives in Devon, teaching and painting to commission. She paints in oils, watercolours and acrylics. Her subject matter can range from abstract to figurative. Landscapes and equestrian subjects are her favourite subject matter, though she has recently completed a delightful study of a Valiant bomber. She has also painted fighter planes and Sunderland flying boats of an ex RAF pilot.
Yvonne always carries her digital camera around with her, and this selection illustrates her artists appreciation of form and texture.

Yvonne Image  Yvonne Image
Monday 31st October to Friday 25th November 2016

Diane Miller - Paintings

Married to Ian, Diane has four grown up children. She lives in the Tavistock area, and from a young age, has always loved painting.

When her children grew up and left home to make lives of their own, she was able to go back into full time Education at Plymouth University, where she completed a Fine Art Degree, graduating in 2013 with a B.A.  

Diane specialized in portraiture, enjoying the challenge to capture the likeness and character of the sitter.

Inspired by an American artist Henry Asencio, and the English artist Lucian Freud, Diane found their work similar, but also very different. Henry’s work to her is always colourful, energetic, bringing out the beauty in his subject whereas  Lucian’s work she describes as harsh and uncomplimentary his subjects.

She also paints in the abstract, mainly in black and white, inspired by the photographer Josef Sudek: also known as “The Poet of Prague”. During the First World War he lost an arm and to help him convalesce he was given a camera, where he found he had a talent for capturing the mood of his subjects.

Diane tries to create a similar mystery and mood in her abstract work.

Image1 Image2


Monday 28th November 2016 to Friday 6th January 2017

Mount Kelly Exhibition

Mount Kelly’s Art exhibition at the Tavistock Wharf Gallery in December serves to celebrate the collaboration between our pupils and established artists living and working in West Devon.

Jennie Hale an artist / potter lives and works in the beautiful wooded Lyd valley. It is here where she creates her nature diaries, recording forest creatures, bugs and ripples in the river. From these she generates unique earthenware, and Raku fired sculptures. Jennie’s animals and birds come to life, expertly decorated with oxides and glazes. These beautiful creations have inspired and motivated our pupils and adults alike who attend a Saturday class at the college desiring to create their own ceramic masterpieces. Animals, human heads and artifacts, skillfully coiled and modeled with expert guidance.

Our A ‘Level pupils also get the opportunity to work alongside highly acclaimed Mary Gillet at her Tamar Print Workshop. Set on the edge of Dartmoor, her surroundings are captured in her scored, furrowed, scraped and burnished etchings and landscapes which become contemplations on how our surroundings can reflect our histories, our moods and our thoughts. Pupils learn historical techniques and processes, helping them to turn their observational drawings into individually unique finely crafted prints.

The artwork of Jennie Hale and Mary Gillet will be presented alongside that of our pupils, showcasing artists of the present and potentially, of the future.

Kelly1 Kelly2

Kelly3 Kelly4